Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kerala Chicken Fry

One day my friend and fellow blogger Faby, were sharing the new blogs that we had discovered (blog hunting is our favorite passtime). I encountered this recipe on one of the sites she found. It was the name of the blog that really caught my attention. SoIMarriedAMeat-A-Holic! The name of the blog really drew me to that site. There are quite a few blogs that I follow for its name (I am like that). I am fascinated by the creative names that people come up for their blogs! If you look at my reader you will understand what I am talking about.

This chicken dish is very spicy and if you like the tang of the masalas, then this one is for you! I loved it. This will go well with appams, idiappams, pathiri's etc. If you like curry with your appams and idiaapams then i suggest you make a vegetable stew with this chicken fry, yummmm!

In this post I will not mention the recipe. I will give you the link for the recipe. Please do try the recipe. I am putting in the pictures of my version of the recipe, and the variations I made.

I did not have chicken drumsticks, so I used a full chicken cut to medium pieces which was under a kilogram.

I did not have corriander seeds, so i just substituted it with the powder of the same quantity.

For the ground masala, insterad of 1 onion sliced I used 4 shallots.

These are the only changes I made. And I got a really wonderful chicken fry.

One more thing, for my family we don't usually take the full 1 kg chicken. So I marinated the whole chicken and made only half of it for dinner. I froze the rest in a ziploc bag and used it the following week. Its a blessing for those days when you hate to cook. Just defreeze it and fry!

THANKYOU Manju, for the great recipe!

* The watermarking of the pictures has the name www.momster.me . Don't worry, we did not take it from any site. www.momster.me is our humble attempt at a new website.

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  1. thanks Zerin for the mention of my blog here!! Im glad that you tried this out and that you liked the recipe. Its great to meet a new blogger this way! :)