Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My New Love..... Triple Chocolate Brownies


I am sure whoever has watched Nigella, has fallen in love with her. At least, I know I have totally fallen for her (don't get me wrong!). I love the way she cooks, just a dash of this ingredient and a splash of that. The outcome is always simply the best.

I remember the first show I saw of hers was Nigella feasts and I tuned in when she was mixing eggs into this chocolate liquid in a huge saucepan. The chocolate looked too good. I ran to take a paper and pen to note down the recipe. I thought like in all our Indian cookery shows there will be a ingredient round up in the end. She was adding different kinds of chocolates and the end result was this exquisite brownie that she stacked on a red plate and put a dusting of icing sugar! I have never seen such a beautiful sight.

At that time, my friend and co blogger was based here in the UAE and I called her and told her that there is this beautiful lady who cooks great chocolate dishes, her name is Nigella. She told me she had seen Nigella's shows earlier. I asked her if she knew this recipe, but alas she had no clue. I have since then searched high and low for the recipe for this triple chocolate brownie.

Then I was introduced to the world of YouTube videos! After watching tons of videos, it occurred to me that some kind soul would have uploaded my kitchen goddess's video. I searched and voila there it was – some of the videos were there and I started watching the videos and there it was my brownie recipe! I was overjoyed! There were no words to describe my happiness. But the irony of it is that, I have never come around to making the brownie until now. Because my weight issues I was scared to let myself near all those chocolates and butter and eggs.

The other day when I was watching Nigella again, I couldn't resist any longer. I threw caution to the winds and ended up making the brownie. I nearly cried when I took the first bite. WHY DID I NOT MAKE THIS BROWNIE EARLIER? I wouldn't mind putting on some weight for this brownie. I can do that for this brownie.

It is truly a chocolate lovers' dream! I will let you all go to the food network site for the full recipe or to YouTube to watch the video. But I will give you the halved proportions of the recipe. The original recipe is a very huge quantity. So I halved it. The following is the halved version of the original.

Enjoy people. Please don't worry about all that chocolates. Believe me; you will know it was worth it when you bite into this brownie for the first time when it is slightly warm. I surely fell in love with it.



1 ½ sticks of butter

170gm bittersweet chocolate(I used 2 whole bars of lindtt dark chocolate with 70% of cocoa solids and a half of lindtt dark chocolate with chilli pepper)

3 eggs

½ cup+6tbsps of sugar

3/4th cup all purpose flour

½ tsp salt

¼ cup white chocolate chips(here in the UAE I have not come across white chocolate chips, so cut up some lindtt white chocolate and added that)

½ cup semisweet chocolate chips.



For the method please follow the instructions on the food network page. But please note that; don't put in the eggs as Nigella is doing in the video. We are not experts like her! At least I am not. I tried putting the eggs the way she has done it and I ended up having a scrambled chocolate eggs. What a waste of my precious lindtt bars. I had to start over. I put all eggs in a bowl and whisked it up and then added little by little while stirring continuously. It is also better to add your sugar before the eggs. The other thing is that, in my oven even though I halved the recipe I needed to bake for almost the same amount of time as the original recipe. For this I suggest it is best to keep checking the status of the brownie after 10 min. itself. These are the only things you have to be careful about. Rest assured, you will be in brownie heaven.

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